Our Story

Dicks Cottons is an accessories and clothing brand that celebrates those who enjoy life, tell stories, and love partying with friends. We’ve created comfortable, fun, and attention grabbing sunglasses. Combining ultimate comfort and style, our gear is versatile enough for the beach, parties, and all of your stories in between.

be happy. live comfortably.

Who is Dicks Cottons?

Dicks Cottons first got its start making t-shirts to help promote friend Mike Burke’s music on Cape Cod. The shirts sold out in one day, so founder Rich “Dikkie” Amundson, who’s grandfather “Dick” owned an eye wear store for 40 years, continued to design custom clothing and sunglasses for friends. With the goal of making sure each product matched our group’s lifestyle of having fun, being happy and living comfortably, Dicks Cottons was born.

In 2009, Rich began taking classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and living a life similar to the cast on HBO’s hit show How to Make it in America.  Dicks Cottons products became staples for every trip he and his friends went on, and demand grew quickly from friends, to friends of friends, to strangers, and eventually celebrities.

With the release of the 20ten sunglasses line in April 2010, Rich decided it was time to pursue his dream full-time. With a lot of hard work and help from our fans word of mouth marketing and celebrity love, Rich is bringing Dicks Cottons to the forefront of lifestyle brands.

Follow our blog about the happenings, trips, travels, and parties that we live for. Ever since  Rich met best friend Pete on the first day of Freshman year of college, they’ve been living a mantra that Life is All about the Stories…So we hope you check back often and become a part of our story.