How to get Noticed at Festivals

Tis the season to be jolly. No, it’s not Christmas. But as an east coaster who recently relocated to that Cali lifestyle, it’s something even better: Festival Season. California is known for holding and being within spitting distance of some of the coolest festivals in production today. Sure, everyone knows about Coachella and every country fan knows about Stagecoach, but it wasn’t until I moved out here that I’d heard anything about Burning Man. Burning Man takes place in the Nevada Black Rock Desert and is a festival dedicated to music, self-expression, art, and self-reliance. Self-reliance meaning you rent a camper/RV, bring all your own supplies, and barter with other festival-goers like settlers did in the early days of America. Cool, right? It’s also occurring my birthday weekend this summer, so I’m seriously considering getting a ticket. Amen for tax refunds, am I right?

But never fear, the East Coast has some pretty wicked festivals, too. I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone about Bonnaroo. But if you’re looking for a festival that’s just a bit smaller, nicer on your wallet, and featuring many of the same awesome acts headlining at Coachella and Bonnaroo, then check out Firefly in Dover, Delaware. Only in its third season, it’s already doubled its attendees each year. I had a great time last year and it seems as though this year could be the last where the rules aren’t necessarily 100% enforced all the time (i.e. number of campers in a spot, etc.).

Whatever festival you attend this year, make sure you bring lots of food/beverages to barter and trade with other festival-goers (Capri Suns are a huge hit come day three, FYI), plenty of sunscreen, and of course, your Dicks Cottons for sun-protection and plenty of compliments. The funkier the better. It is a festival after all.