Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Our season’s style guide to improve your mood.


Let’s face it, change in weather, your favorite show is ending, your Tinder isn’t quite blowing up like it was this summer, we get it. There are so many things that can change our mood and make us wanna stay in, binge eat on some comfort food and text away while wrapped up in a Snuggie with Ryan Gosling (or Eva Mendes). But, really though? Carpe F’ing Diem. Get yourself together. Life is all about getting out, hanging with friends and enjoying your youth while you have it! You are young, wild and free...and we’ve got the secret recipe to pick you up, clean you up, get a drink in your hand and you back to the party!


First, make plans! Making weekly social plans will force you to experience new things, prevent you from over analyzing yourself and will give you something to look forward to!


Next, accessorize when you go out. Having a pair of comfortable, quality, handmade sunglasses that just fit perfectly on your face will get you noticed. Whether you’re dressed up or dressed down, sunglasses are a go-to. Plus, it is a proven fact, that when you wear our shades, you will, without a doubt get compliments. However, the best accessory you can wear is confidence.


Look, we’re not mathematicians, but it’s simple, when you wear our shades you get compliments, when you get compliments you feel better, when you feel better you date Ryan Gosling.


- be happy. live comfortably.