My Beach is Better

3 Beaches Best Kept Secret

 “You can keep ya beach cause that beach whatever.” Jay-Z is all over this one, well-played Jigga Man, we agree! Sure HOV flies private and his American Express Black Card probably has more frequent flier miles than Lindsay Lohan has arrest warrants, but what Jay-Z is really relating to the aspirational jetsetters is one thing, don’t compromise.

Some say it’s in a traveler’s good nature to spread the word, that’s why we are hooking you up with 3, must see beaches for your future.

  1. Praia da Pipa, Brazil – Probably one of the most incredible beaches, Pipa is your jam! Hosting the sickest combination of reggae, dreadlocks, good vibes with a VERY attractive nightlife of 20 to 30 something that gets turnt up, get ready to rage with your Stickman hat! Pria goes off late night!

*Best shades for the trip, your Handmade Paradise oversized sunglasses.

  1. Puerto Viejo, Cost Rica – No hotels taller than the tallest palm tree, no all-inclusive…this is the polar opposite of Tamarindo. If you want to change things up, the Caribbean side of Costa is where it’s at! Puerto Viejo is so on point, largely guilty by association to it’s counterparts of atmospheric beach bars, Afro-Caribbean locals, rainforests and insane beaches with a lot of surfers, backpackers and a strange aroma in the air. This costal town is off the grid for sure, but the locals know they struck gold!

*Best shades for the trip, your Studmaster Yachtmasters. Yes, you can bring Mike Stud with you on your trip.

  1. Holbox, Mexico – This remote island off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula may be the very best kept secret. Holbox is a beachgoers dream, pure white sand, very remote and more shades of blue than your favorite Dicks Cottons lenses! Put your feet up on your desk with Google Images pulled up showing Holbox and post that to Instagram…guaranteed 100 likes!

 *Best shades for the trip, your Jetsetter Aviators. We also suggest you bring a fresh snapback for when you are beachside with Corona’s in hand!


Shhhh!!! Only tell your closest friends.


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