Day is the New Night



Can’t even hate how as of recent, Day parties are starting to seriously creep up on Night parties. It’s a heated rivalry for sure, but we’re like Switzerland on this one, we take a neutral stance, knowing that both options bring a lot to the table.


We think it’s safe to say that anyone reading this isn’t afraid of a good time, by any stretch of the imagination. You love partying with your friends and earning these killer stories to tell along the way. No matter what, you have to come correct and wear your favorite Dicks Cottons gear that makes you stand out in the crowd. There’s nothing better than bumping into someone with a pair of shades, or a neon Stickman snapback while you’re getting after it!


This one’s on you to make the decision…What’s a better time to throw down, Day or Night?


- be happy. live comfortably.